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Alexander 3. May 2016

7 Tips for Stress-free Traveling

Whether you’re on holidays or going on a business trip, the least thing you want to face is unnecessary stress that might spoil your experience.

In order to make your trip as enjoyable as possible, let’s name two golden rules in advance: Be prepared and don’t rush things!

Of course you can’t plan ahead everything but make sure to prepare for likely obstacles or very serious problems. Here are some tips on how to avoid bad surprises and enjoy stress-free traveling:

Finding the right place

Take your time to read online reviews for accommodation and sightseeing carefully or ask friends who have been to the place you’re traveling to.

Going old school

Write down telephone numbers of friends, important addresses and everything that you might need on a small piece of paper. Keeping all that solely on your smartphone is risky since it could give up the ghost or get stolen.

Being up-to-date

Make sure your ID card and your credit card is not expired and you bank guarantees you a seamless payment in the country you’re going to. Consider carrying some cash with you, just in case.

Avoiding Huge Bills

Contact your phone company to learn about the costs of calling, messaging and surfing abroad. Ask for special deals for travelers.

Staying Flexible

It might have taken you a lot of time, money and effort to get to your preferred location. Therefore you should make sure, it’s worth it, even if this means changing your plans. If the bus is slow and noisy, call a cab! If the hotel turned out to be disappointing, change it! It’s your holidays and you decide!

A Holiday Within Your Holiday

Don’t get tempted to set up an extremely tight schedule. Don’t be too afraid to miss something. Maybe you want to spend some hours just wandering around watching people going after their everyday activities. There are little stories and encounters everywhere.

Traveling Light

Smaller and fewer suitcases make traveling less exhausting and give you more flexibility. Especially when facing multiple changes of location on one trip, carrying half of your wardrobe with might become aggravating. Less is more!