Stress Guide

The stress coach in your pocket: Measure your stress index using just your smartphone camera, 
and complete in-depth courses on stress-related topics.

Scientifically valid measurement

Stress measurement is enabled via the smartphone camera, which determines the user’s cardiovascular vital data and, based on this, analyzes the individual stress profile.

In-depth courses and exercises

We offer you stress-related courses and exercises that help you to reduce your stress and live a healthier life: Whether through a guided meditation, a deep breathing exercise or a life-changing tip.

Technologically innovative, mobile & medically valid vital data measurement

The technology behind our measurement 

Place your finger on the smartphone camera and flash, and hold still. After successfully calibrating, the vital data measurement will begin.

By illuminating the fingertip, the change in the blood vessels can be analyzed. Incoming blood appears darker, whilst outgoing blood appears lighter.

Based on these changes, vital data, such as pulse rate, is analyzed and used to determine the HRV (heart rate variability) and stress resistance.

CE-certified medicine product

Kenkou Stress Guide is a CE-certified medical device

Developed by scientists

Our program is developed by biopsychologists, stress therapists and data scientists

Data protection guaranteed

We work according to the highest European data protection regulation standards (GDPR)

Our courses help you to reduce your stress

Stress reduzieren mit Vitaldaten-Messung

Vital data measurements to provide progress insights

Stress reduzieren mit täglichen Übungen

Daily lessons to help you recognize and reduce your stress

Stress reduzieren mit Atmungsübungen

Calming breathing exercises for every situation

Stress reduzieren mit Achtsamkeitsmeditationen

Mindfulness meditations that are both convenient and relaxing

Happy users


Great app


This app has really helped me to wind down after a long day of work. I feel much more focused and calm now- thanks! 

Juli S.

My daily helper


Learning a little something about stress every day, and improving my life bit for bit. I’m a fan! 



Great courses, helpful measurements of my stress level. Fantastic 🙂 Excited for further improvements!


Measure & manage your stress, wherever you are


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