Breathe and Be Free

Yoga, meditation or conventional medical therapies: The positive effects of breathing exercises have long been known and proven. With Breathe Pro exercises, you can boost your stress resistance in just four weeks.

This will prevent you from burnout, increase your heart health and improve your sleep.

Cardiography By Mobile Phone

Breathe Pro measures your heartbeat with light cardiography via iPhone camera and LED flash. You simply place your index finger on the lens and follow the instructions. Breathe Pro evaluates your biofeedback: How fast does your heartbeat react to changing your respiratory rate? This value is measured with heart rate variability. The more variable, the better. Breathe Pro shows you every day how your values evolve.


Quickly Relax

Breathe pro completes a new breathing exercise with you every day for four weeks. You can repeat the exercises as often as you like. The units – each with a beautiful nature video – only last 90 seconds. So you can easily make Breathe Pro apart of your daily routine. Breathe Pro reminds you to keep calm.

Happy Users

I love this app

This is the only accurate app I have found. I am a nurse so I definitely know that it’s 100% accurate. I think it would be beneficial for a lot of patients and people.

Helpful and accurate.

The first breathing session was wonderful. I adjusted to the breathing pattern quickly and afterwards felt calmer than before the session. This is the beginning of my second week using this app
J Seifert

Good App!

This is a great little application which helps you better understand yourself and your physical reaction to stress. It’s not about the stress in our lives, it’s how we handle it. This helps!

Pedro Slim

The 6 most important things Breathe Pro is good for:

1. Immediate stress reduction

2. Reduce anxiety

3. Better Sleep


4. Reduce the risk of burnout syndrome

5. Prevention of cardiovascular disease

6. Improvement of heart rate variability


Look For The Change

 90 seconds, 28 days: With little effort you can achieve great things. Higher stress resistance and balance for better quality of life and better health. Make your iPhone with Breathe Pro your personal trainer and heart specialist. Look forward to the change.



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