More success with less stress



Because healthy and happy employees are a vital success factor for your business.


Because happy employees lead to a healthy business

Create a healthy work-life-balance: Reduce stress, strengthen teamwork, increase focus and lower work incapacity costs. Today’s working world is fast-paced and stressed, which can lead to burnout and high costs due to work incapacity. Healthy employees are a vital success factor in every business.

Stress Guide is the perfect solution to meet and conquer modern workplace challenges.

Our courses are individualised to employees’ stress level: mindfulness meditations, lessons on leadership, stress and health as well as breathing exercises.

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Less stress and more focus

Our solution for your business:


Employees can measure their stress and resilience level

Individual daily stress-reduction tasks and exercises

Employees can evaluate their personal progress

Advantages for your company


Increased Performance

Employee motivation and satisfaction

Digital Corporate Health Management

Guaranteed effectiveness (medically certified)

Cost-effective solutions

Active stress management

Lower work incapacity costs

The experts behind Stress Guide

Our team of leading healthcare professionals ensures your company has the best guide to health and happiness


Prof. Dr. Clemens Kirschbaum

Professur Bio-psychologie an der TU Dresden

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer

Grönemeyer Institut für Mikro Therapie

Dr. Fabian Emrich, MD

Universität Frankfurt, wissen-schaftlicher Mitarbeiter der Stanford University of Medicine

Prof. Dr. Med.  Dietrich Andresen

Vorstands-vorsitzender der Deutschen Herzstiftung

Dr. Ulrich Ott

Psychologe, Meditations-forscher & Autor

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