Bring Your Heart To The Next Level

Kenkou-Y is the perfect companion to our Stress Guide. It is a small, inconspicuous ECG device that transmits your health data wirelessly and automatically to your Stress Guide. With Kenkou-Y you can face your stress more effectively.

High Tech For The Heart Check

Kenkou-Y measures your heart rate a thousand times a second, around the clock. Via Bluetooth, Kenkou-Y sends this data to your Stress Guide, allowing you a detailed overview of heart rate, activity patterns and sleep quality.











Look Into The Future

What is your heart age compared to your real age? What health risks could the future bring? How can you counteract? KENKOU-Y and the Stress Guide App will give you a clear view. Enjoy personalized programs and tips to help you reduce stress and recognize and change unhealthy behaviours.

Knowledge Is The Best Medicine

With Kenkou-Y, you always know what your heart health and your stress level is. Together with Stress Guide, Kenkou-Y delivers precise and medically proven values. The long-term records give you and your doctor important information. They are the basis for effective countermeasures when your health needs support. 


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