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Alexander 29. April 2016

How to De-stress Without Sweating


Detach yourself

One of the keys to stay happy, dedicated and healthy is to detach yourself once in a while from work and other demands.

Being constantly on-call for others can be very harmful. The same goes for constant pondering – a clear sign of a keyed up brain unable to slow down, prioritize and solve cumbersome issues.

As unsolved problems pile up, relief and sense of achievement appear to us in unreachable distance. The risk of exhaustion and burnout rises.

Most people know about the healthy and strengthening power of physical activity like sports for mind an body. But let’s go a little easy on ourselves.

Some sweat-free de-stress methods

  1. Spend some fun time with family and friends at least once a week. Messaging alone hardly replaces a face-to-face conversation or a call. Being part of a community, feeling understood and supported is psychologically a massive if not the most important factor for increasing your stress resilience.
  2. Do at least one thing you enjoy everyday. Indulge yourself in something that enriches your life and reliefs your stress in a healthy way, enjoy the pleasant anticipation.
  3. Loosen up your schedule. Ailments like chronic fatigue syndrome often strike people who don’t embrace some nice down-times. There’s no need to plan ahead every minute and fill all the gaps with activities. When you’re already stressed out grant yourself down-times and clearly communicate them to others.
  4. Try breathing exercises, mindfulness training or meditation. There is a vast range of possibilities including breathing and mental training. This also requires some effort to get started but the benefits for your stress resilience are proven by science. For example use KENKOU Breathe , the app gives you a 4 week breathing and mindfulness training.
  5. Get comfy at home. Try to make your living space a place that you want to return to in the evening. Surround yourself with things you like and create your own cozy corner if possible. Consider a morning routine where you tidy up and prepare your place for your return. No one wants to go to a place where nothing but unwashed dishes await.