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Alexander 26. May 2016

10 Things to help you relax before stressful events

how to relax before exams

Having to give presentations or lectures exposes us to judgment from others. That can trigger primeval fears such as flight reflexes or existential angst. We can control this stress by preparing.

Low self-esteem and a desire to be recognized are often behind fears of public speaking. We feel exposed when facing a large audience alone. When we fail, others may lose confidence in us, threatening our integrity and standing at work.


We sleep badly because we’re nervous, and when the actual moment has arrived, we’re tense, our voice cracks, we’re breathing heavily, we forget things, and we sweat and stutter.

It’s a nightmarish scenario that completely paralyzes us. This stress reaction clouds our mind and stops us from recognizing the real opponent: our own huge expectations.


The earlier we accept that we will and are allowed to make mistakes, the more weight is taken off our shoulders. After all, how often did we fall as a child before we learned how to walk? We may have never acquired that skill as a child had we exhibited the same kind of perfectionism we follow at work.

We shouldn’t forget that even the world’s best speakers and thinkers have made mistakes. And since critics will always exist, we should focus on learning from each of our mistakes instead of letting them paralyze us.